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80's Skateboard Guy

Wips in - This is my interpretation Inspired by the art of @denisgoulet65 - I modelled this funny guy, Started with simple spheres in Zbrush and them moving forward to finalize the model, making retopology, create the cloth, Skateboard and a lot of hair and fur, and at this moment I realize my Laptop is not so good for render, several days render the images and not give me a good sharpen images but it's done! On my Instagram and Facebook, I'll post more images and videos about the process, check out! Cheers :)

Arthur duque salsicha 3 4k 01
Arthur duque salsicha 3 4k 02
Arthur duque close 01
Arthur duque close 02
Arthur duque close 01b
Arthur duque model 01

Zbrush Model

Arthur duque model 02
Arthur duque wire 03
Arthur duque sk8 01b
Arthur duque sk8 wire3